About win with systems

Email Systems for a
Regret-Free Life

Hi, I’m Brittany Long, the co-founder of Win with Systems. 

A cancer scare in 2016 put me face to face with my own mortality and since then I’ve been committed to finding ways to embrace work I love without making it my entire life. 

Through the use of evergreen systems like evergreen emails, automations, and AI tools, I’ve been able to take Fridays off to be with my family. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur and a parent like me, or you want more free time for something else, I think we can both agree that life is’t just about working. 

Never have another "zero" day again with the use of evergreen systems.

OUR Core Values

Do What You Love

We believe it’s possible to create the exact life you want, both in and out of your business. When you have automated, evergreen sales coming in, you have the wiggle room to run more ads, to pay for help — without trading your time for money. More revenue gives you more options. 

Attract Your Person

We believe in attracting your ideal client through being yourself. We believe that when you are in integrity, it’s easier to attract your dream client, help them, and be wildly successful. 

Sustainable and Secure Future

We believe if you can consistently get your offers out to your audience while also nurturing your audience (so that you can genuinely help them and also lead them to the offer that is right for them — even if they’re not ready to buy today), then your financial future is safer. We believe people make their best choices when their financial present and future is stable. 

Leave Your Legacy

We believe that what you do today in your business isn’t just for you. It’s for every single person — today and for years to come — that will be impacted from what you create and the emails that bring them what they need to hear. We believe that your business should not only impact you and your audience, it should also impact the ones you love the most. 


Through our services and training, our vision is to empower 30,000 entrepreneurs to take Fridays off. 

You can create a financially secure future and still be present today with the right evergreen strategies.