About win with systems

We help you make more from the offers you already have through automated emails.

Hi, I’m Brittany Long, co-founder of Win with Systems. 

We write the emails that bring in revenue again and again and again. 

In recent years, email marketing has been pushed to the side as new platforms with music and dances have come to the scene. 

But what I’m guessing you already know is that no matter how sexy the new fad seems… 

Email is the one that’s been there, stable, and able to make you more the whole time

Learn How to Use Emails to Increase Your Average Cart Value, Recovered Sales, and Increased Sales from Your List

We love helping you create your emails faster because we know that once your sequences are up, you don’t have to keep creating them. This foundational piece of your business helps you earn more without adding hours of work to your plate every day. 


OUR Core Values

Work Your Magic, We'll Work Ours

We believe in doing work you love — and the work that ONLY you can do. If you don’t love it or it’s something that takes you from what you love to do, we believe outsourcing is the way to go. You work your magic, and when you outsource your emails to us, we’ll work our magic so that you can make the biggest impact possible. 

Attract Your Person

We believe in attracting your ideal client through being yourself — an excellent business owner who wants to help others, make an impact and deliver above and beyond what you promise. We believe that when you are in integrity, it’s easier to attract your perfect person, help them, and have wildly successful offers and/or services. 

Sustainable and Secure Future

We believe in creating a sustainable, secure future through offers and services that are in integrity, that your audience loves, and that YOU love providing. We believe if you can consistently get your offers out to your audience while also nurturing your audience (so that you can genuinely help them and also lead them to the offer that is right for them — even if they’re not ready to buy today), then your financial future is safer. We believe people make their best choices when their financial present and future is stable. 

Leave Your Legacy

We believe that what you do today in your business isn’t just for you. It’s for every single person — today and for years to come — that will be impacted from what you create and the emails that bring them what they need to hear. We believe that your business should not only impact you and your audience, it should also impact the ones you love the most. While we think it’s important to do the work you love, it’s also important to set aside time for who you love. We can take your emails off your plate so you have more time to be more present. 


Through our services and training, our vision is to empower 30,000 entrepreneurs to take Fridays off. 

Sometimes people tell me “Brittany, I just have to work extra hard now so I can have the future I want.” I get it. I used to think the same thing. But now after working with so many 6, 7, and 8 figure business owners using their sequences to sell and nurture FOR them, I realized… It doesn’t have to be ONE or the OTHER.

You can create a financially secure future and still be present today with the right lucrative sequences in place to promote your offers and services.

How Can I help you?

Done For You Services or VIP Days

We can write your emails for you or with you in a done-for-you service or VIP day. Click the button below to apply. Using our tried-and-true formula, we write your emails in your voice, tone, and nuances. We only take on a few clients per month and spots fill up quickly. Apply below.

Do it Yourself Services

Best for soloprenuers or business owners who are not yet ready to trust someone else with your emails, our do it yourself services show you how to write your own sequences at your own pace. We’ll show you the framework we use to write emails your audience will love — fast! 

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