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We have three popular options to choose from.

Our clients love each of these options and for different reasons. Not sure which to choose? I’m happy to help you determine your best route. Email me – Brittany [at] or  view the Win with Systems roadmap. 

We'll Take Care of it For You

This option is best for you if you prefer to outsource to a professional that can take your email marketing off your plate and get it done right the first time.

Who it’s for:
We’ve worked with brick and mortar businesses, online businesses, and hybrid businesses in a variety of niches including Dentists, Dog Trainer, Pet Psychic, Perfumer, Online Course Creators, Marketers, Service Providers, Fitness Influencers and Professionals, Photographers, and everything in between. 

What’s included:
We’ll help you build your foundational email systems by writing 4 evergreen emails each month — all you have to do is fill out a 5-minute form! 

AI Copy Editor

Who it’s for:
If you want to use AI to get your copy process started but aren’t sure how to polish it (so it doesn’t sound like a robot wrote it). 

What’s included:
We’ll edit 12 of your human or AI-written emails. Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days. 

We'll Go Through it Together

This option is best if you prefer to learn how to do it for yourself, but you also want the affirmation that you're doing it correctly.

Who it’s for:
Entrepreneurs who want to spend less time with their nose in their laptop and more of their time with their loved ones will love the Friday Off Club Mastermind. Most Friday Off Club Masterminders have at least one person to help implement. 

What’s included:

  1. –Daily Voxer/Whatsapp access for you and a team member so you never get stuck 
  2. –An amazing yearly in-person Mastermind event
  3. –Targeted expert advice with monthly hot seats
  4. –Structured Progress and Implementation with Monthly “Take Action” Calls
  5. –Tailored guidance for your “right now”  needs with Monthly Group Strategy Calls
  6. –Accelerate Your Growth with a Monthly Group “Eyes on Your Systems” session
  7. –Work with Brittany to create your custom Friday Off Club step-by-step plan so you know exactly what to do every day of the month 

Who it’s for:
If you have a writer on your team or want to write your own emails but need help with the strategy, this is for you. 

What’s included:
During this session, we’ll use out 10-Point Cash System to get super clear on your audience and create the plan for your entire year of evergreen emails. You’ll walk away knowing what topics and offers go where in this long, effective  nurture-and-sell sequence. 

AI Copy Coach

Who it’s for:
For entrepreneurs with a small but mighty team who can take prompts from AI tools, like ChatGPT, but you want to give them extra training to turn the AI content into useable, human-centered content with soul and connection. 

What’s included:
This is a monthly service that you can use as long as you’d like. We can cover any kind of AI content and copy with your team. 

You Prefer to do it on Your Own

This is perfect for you if you like templates, swipes, or learning through a self-paced course.

Who it’s for:
Those who want to use AI for their business with a super affordable shortcut to get out of the otherwise lengthy “trial and error” phase. 

What’s included:
–Regular trainings on how to use AI 
–New weekly prompts so you can start getting the results you want as quickly as possible 
–Regular new “recipe drops” so you know what you can use AI for in your launches, challenges, etc. 
–Weekly “how can I use AI as a…” lists (so you know all the ways you can use AI in your niche)

Payday Every Day

Who it’s for:
This is for business owners (typically solopreneurs) who prefer not to outsource. You’d like to learn how to do it for yourself and write the emails yourself. If you want to learn how to write your emails quickly and prefer a self-paced option, this course is perfect for you. 

What’s included:
Evergreen email training, 52 Evergreen Email templates, Evergreen Email Bootcamp (with 52 additional email templates), implementation sessions, and more. 

Click the button below to see everything that’s included. 


Who it’s for:
If you prefer to use swipes or templates to create your emails, the templates are a great option and easy to plug and play. 

What’s included:
Each template has easy-to-plug-and-play templates and an example. 

You can find all our templates by clicking the button below. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • I bought the courses, tried the templates, had written tons of my own emails, but just couldn’t put it all together. Thanks to Brittany, I can focus my attention and creative innovation on another part of my business. That is something I am so grateful for. We all have new ideas all the time. And what was happening was is I would still have a new idea, but I would just neglect the email side. Now it’s taken care of and then I can express myself in the way that I love.

    -Renee Hribar of
  • Brittany’s services have impacted us because we were able to update a lot of copy that had become stagnant and wasn’t having the conversions that we wanted anymore. There is so much copy involved in running a business. The more I could have someone else do it to the quality that I really needed it to be and that was going to feel good to me was just so helpful.

    I would highly recommend Brittany’s services for sure!

    -Esther Inman of 90 Day VA
  • Brittany is brilliant in doing these evergreen email sequences. The way she can come up with categories and topics and make every single email flow seamlessly from one email to another is crazy.

    – Suzanne Edwards of Alpha Mama Fitness