Brittany has been featured in...

Digital Insider’s Mastermind – Give Presenter at the May 2021 Mastermind Event

Edupreneur Summit 2020

Homeschool CEO Group Presentation, 2021

Speaker at the Six-Figure Mom Retreat, 2021

Visionary Summit Speaker, 2021

Guest Expert for Total Life Freedom, 2021

Guest on the Whiskey and Work Podcast with Kelsey Murphy, 2021

Shirt Lab Live Fort Worth 2020

Podfest (Microcon) 2021

Geekapalooza Presenter 2021

Work-at-Home School Presenter and Summit 2019 & 2020

Megan Miles’ Guest Expert, 2021

Guest Expert for Fit Chicks Academy, 2021

Podcast with Nikki Arensman, 2021 

Couch Time with Amy Wine Podcast, 2021

Featured on the Savvy Couple Blog, 2020

Guest on the Kerry Egeler Youtube Channel, 2021

Video Supply Guest Expert, 2021

Visions2Images Podcast Guest, 2021

Guest Expert on Q&A with Alan and Marshall, 2021