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How to Add Your Unique Voice and Personality to Your Evergreen Email Sequence​

What is holding you back from finally putting together your evergreen email sequence?

One of the reasons I hear about often from my clients is that they don’t know how to write emails that are interesting and engaging. A lot of times, they feel like their writing is boring and monotonous. 

If you are feeling the same way, you have come to the right place!

There are some easy-to-implement strategies you can use to sprinkle some of your amazing charm into the emails you are sending to your audience. 

The overall goal when you sit down to write an email is that you want it to sound like you. Your emails should have your voice in them. They should almost sound like you are having a conversation with a good friend. 

Use Your Common Words and Phrases in Your Evergreen Emails

When you are writing your emails, you want to find vocabulary that makes you sound like you. Believe it or not, when you talk or write, you have words or phrases that you use often. You may not even realize you have them. So it’s really important that you make a list of them and have them handy when you sit down to write.

How do you figure out your common words and phrases? I’m glad you asked!

1. Rewatch Videos You’ve Made

Go back through any videos you’ve made. If you are publishing things on social media or if you have recorded Zoom meetings, watch them. See if you can pick up on things you say frequently or that are your “signature sayings”.

2. Reread Old Writing Pieces

You should reread blog posts or emails you’ve written. You may be surprised at the patterns you find. There could be a lot of your own unique touches you find that you have already been using in your writing. Those are definitely ones you want to add to your list!

3. Check Out Your Informal Conversations

Another great place to find the informal language you use is to read text messages you send to friends and family. This is the writing where you are probably most authentically yourself. This will be the perfect resource for finding the words and phrases you use in your everyday conversations. 

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Find Common Themes in Other Writing Pieces to Add to Your Evergreen Emails​

Remember how I told you to go back through things you’ve written before to find common words and phrases? Keep them handy… You need them again. 

See if you can pull out a few writing pieces that you are really proud of. Maybe you have a blog post series that you LOVE. Or a few social media posts that you felt really good about. 

What are the common themes in those pieces that make you feel warm and fuzzy? 

  • Are they well organized? 
  • Written about a specific topic? 
  • Sometimes it is all about the tone or style to your writing. 
  • Are you really proud of writing pieces that give you authority in your field? 
  • Or do you love the ones where you are bantering with your readers and using humor?

Those common threads you find in your most-loved writing pieces are also great ways to add personality to your emails. Finding ways to infuse those themes into your writing will be amazing! 

Before You Write Your Evergreen Emails, Record Yourself!

Yep, I mean it.

If writing is really not your thing, or you have no idea where to begin to find your writing voice, recording yourself talking is a great place to start. 

It doesn’t matter if you make an audio recording or put together a video, this is going to be a hugely helpful step in your writing. 

When you watch the recording back, you will hear that personality that you want to communicate into your writing. You will pick up on those words and phrases you favor. 

You will find the voice that you want your readers to find when you send an email out to them. 

There’s another great benefit to recording yourself. 

A lot of recording platforms and apps will transcribe your recording for you. When you have the written transcript of your recording, you basically have a template to work from to write your emails. 

You can go through your transcript, polish it, and revise it. You have a ready-made email that just takes a few minutes to spruce up. It’ll be ready to send out to your audience quickly (and with your personality already added in). 

Bonus Tip!

Maybe making a video sounds WAY better to you than writing lengthy emails. You can totally send out shorter emails that link to a video you’ve made about the topic (or you can embed the video into the email). 

Having an evergreen email sequence is really important for nurturing your audience and bringing in consistent sales. When you authentically engaging with your subscribers in those emails, it is going to make the rest happen naturally. 

Finding ways to add your personality into your emails is the most authentic way to communicate your message. 

Start with these tips. You will be amazed at how much you can change the tone of your emails with just these few changes. Your emails will be sounding more like you in no time!

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