We Can Create Your Revenue-Generating Email Sequences

that build your authority, nurture your audience, and make sales all year long.

We create sequences that sound like you so you can impact your audience and increase your revenue consistently.

You care about your audience and want them to be nurtured. Buuuuut when was the last time you actually had time to sit down and write? And it was GOOD? And it was consistent? You’ve already got loads on your plate with your business alone and the writing is just part of it. That’s not even taking into consideration planning out your sequences and mapping them out — and how they connect with other sequences. 

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It's best not to do it all.

Investment ranges based on your needs.

You’ve tried to do it all. But that’s not really cutting it, is it? There are so many things to do and as you probably know by now — the person doing ALL the things can’t do any of them well. So why not focus your energy and efforts on 1. The things that are the top generating activities AND only YOU can do and 2. The activities that matter the most to you — like loving on your family and growing professionally. 

Ready to build your authority, nurture your audience, and make sales all year long and for years to come. Schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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There's Never a Better Time.

to get your automated sequences set up

Every single day (and often multiple times a day!) I hear business owners saying “I’ve been meaning to do this for years but I just never seem to have time”. 

And if that sounds like you, or if you’ve only been putting it off for a few weeks or months, let’s break down what that ACTUALLY means. 

That means you’ve been leaving cash on the table — leaking it right out of your business — every single day for as long as you’ve had potential buyers on your list. 

*Insert sad face*

The good news, though, is that you don’t have to wait any longer. THIS could be the month your emails get done — with your voice, tone, and nuances — and you start making more revenue through those sequences. No more cash left on the table. No more hoping it’ll one day get finished (but never having time to get it done yourself). 

*Insert happy face!*

So what’s the next step? Schedule a call with Brittany to discuss your needs and our process. 

Your business can benefit from better email marketing.

No matter the kind of business.

Whether you’re a Realtor, Dentist, Retailer, Perfumer, Online Course Creator, Pet Psychic, Dog Trainer, Speaker, Author — or anywhere in between — we can write emails your audience will love in your tone, voice, and nuances so you can build your authority, increase your sales, and nurture your audience — on autopilot! 

How Does It Work?

1. Schedule a Short Call

Schedule a short call with Brittany. We’ll talk about your email needs, what you’re currently doing (even if it’s nothing, it’s okay! I just need to know where you’re starting so I can give you my best advice). We’ll discuss the process and what will happen from start to finish. 

2. We'll Answer Each Other's Questions

During the call, I’ll answer any questions you have. After you’ve decided to have us create your emails, we’ll have an onboarding call with you to ask a few questions that will help us write like you. 

3. Take it Off Your To-Do List, We'll Take it From Here!

We’ll take it from here! We’ll write your first four emails and once that’s done, we’ll send them over for review. You’ll let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to change. After we have your approval, we’ll finish the remaining emails and you’ll have them for the very final review. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • I bought the courses, tried the templates, had written tons of my own emails, but just couldn’t put it all together. Thanks to Brittany, I can focus my attention and creative innovation on another part of my business. That is something I am so grateful for. We all have new ideas all the time. And what was happening was is I would still have a new idea, but I would just neglect the email side. Now it’s taken care of and then I can express myself in the way that I love.

    -Renee Hribar of ReneeHribar.com
  • Brittany’s services have impacted us because we were able to update a lot of copy that had become stagnant and wasn’t having the conversions that we wanted anymore. There is so much copy involved in running a business. The more I could have someone else do it to the quality that I really needed it to be and that was going to feel good to me was just so helpful.

    I would highly recommend Brittany’s services for sure!

    -Esther Inman of 90 Day VA
  • Brittany is brilliant in doing these evergreen email sequences. The way she can come up with categories and topics and make every single email flow seamlessly from one email to another is crazy.

    – Suzanne Edwards of Alpha Mama Fitness